Friday, January 26, 2018

Exciting Times Ahead For Bingham

The end of 2017 saw news of Barratts applying for planning permission for just over 300 houses as part of the 1050 planned homes to the north of the Bingham.

There has also been funding secured from Highways England for a pedestrian and cycle overpass to connect the former RAF Newton housing estate and Bingham. This will put this estate within walking distance of the Bingham amenities and will support the 550 new homes proposed in Newton.
As local residents pointed out when interviewed by the Nottingham Post – any development that is proposed should include a plan to improve the infrastructure available.  The Bingham development has proposed, alongside the 1050 new homes, to include a new primary school, employment space as well as a small retail area.

These new houses will really give a boost to Bingham’s town centre and I am sure will bring more business to the local shops. Bingham is very well placed for people commuting to Nottingham, Leicester and Newark so I am sure there will be no shortage of families looking to move into the properties.

There is currently a shortage of rental property in Bingham and we are hoping that a proportion of these new build properties will be purchased by buy to let investors. New build developments are popular with investors as they expect the maintenance requirements to be low and tenants like the modern fittings and economical running costs a new build offers. They always let quickly and as more and more tenants are looking for long term rentals void periods are minimal.

If you are considering investing in property follow our property blog for honest rental returns on properties for sale in the Bingham area or give me a call on 01949 714101. Katie Archer

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