Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rising Court costs for Possession ..How to protect yourself

It’s always a sensible idea to make sure you have the right protection if you’re a landlord but new government plans to increase fees for the eviction court costs could make an oversight far more painful to your bank balance.

From the 22nd April 2014 the government plans to increase the cost of application for possession and accelerated possession claims from £175 to £280 and the cost of possession claim online is due to rise from £100 to £250.

This will effect landlords finding themselves in the already unfortunate position of having to start eviction proceedings if a tenant is in arrears or refuses to vacate a property. Thankfully these situations are quite rare but when they do occur, they can be very costly in court fees but also in unpaid rent and in some cases, property damage.

At Belvoir Melton Mowbray we help our landlords with any possession proceedings or rent arrears notices as part of the service. We also offer protection for unpaid rent and court costs from as little as £11 per month. This also includes 75% of the rent for the 2 months after the property has been taken back.

Please contact Charlotte or Katie to discuss the Rent Guarantee and Legal Expenses Cover available for Belvoir landlords in more detail.