Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bingham House Values Increased by Over 9% Since the Last Election

We last went to the polls in May 2015 and a lot has changed for the UK since then.    So how has this affected the Bingham housing market?

There is a lot of talk at the moment of how Brexit could affect the housing market.    I believe much of this focuses on the London property market which could be greatly affected as there is so much foreign investment to consider.

I wanted to look closer to home; I like to understand how the properties my landlords have invested in have performed for them.   Many of my landlords have invested in Bingham as they are local to the area and investing in a location one is familiar with will always feel a safe option.

Give me bricks and mortar any day over stocks and shares!

I looked at the properties in NG13 to see what had sold and what prices had been achieved.

I researched sold prices for detached and semi-detached since May 2015.   Interestingly I found that overall house prices in NG13 have seen an average increase of 9.46% in that short time.

Furthermore, since May 2015, semi detached properties had seen a 4.23% rise in value; detached properties had seen an average of 11.84% increase during the same period.
Who knows what will happen over the next 2 years?    I am sure of this – people will still need a roof over their heads and with an expanding population, a good location for employment and education, I believe the Bingham area will continue to be in demand by buyers and renters alike.

The high prices seen in the London property market may take a hit.   But if you are looking at ‘buy to let’ and choose wisely then you can have a successful property investment.

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